Home Away from Home

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach real estate offers affordable beach homes best for people looking for second home at the beach.  Ask any resident in Huntington and they are sure to share about how much they like living in the area.  It is impossible not to love Huntington Beach real estate simply because there is just so much to do and see.  There is rich history in Huntington Beach; perhaps none is more recognized than Huntington Beach Pier. Its Main Street area is full of bars, restaurants and shops that everyone enjoys.  Though these are considered as great tourist attractions, locals will swear that the best thing in Huntington Beach is of course, the beach!   The summer months will see numerous surfing competitions and nights to be enjoyed on the sand – thus called the “Surf City”.  


Huntington Beach Central

The list of reasons for opting Huntington Beach Central is endless.  First and foremost, the houses in this community are done is great taste and excellent workmanship.  A number of diverse builders built homes in this neighborhood so there are a number of different styles to fall in love with.  Another popular feature is the fact that all homes in Huntington Beach Central face the ocean, providing each and every owner a pleasing atmosphere and view that is simply unmatched.  Also, the community is within proximity to major state parks, restaurants and theatres.



Huntington Beach offers different styles of living. Seacliff is a community of high-end and luxurious homes.  All of the homes in Seacliff boast different designs and styles that even the most finicky of individuals will have no trouble calling it a home.  Seacliff is a luxurious community that is surrounded with all the amenities and services one would expect from a high-end area.  There is an 18-hole golf course, fitness and tennis clubs, as well as swimming pool and Seacliff Country Club.  With so many amenities, those looking forward to an upscale and classy style of living will be extremely pleased with the things they find in Seacliff.


History of Huntington Beach Community

Founded in 1904 by Henry E. Huntington, a railroad tycoon, Huntington Beach has tantamount with sun and surf. There are numerous city attractions, including the world-famous public pier, making Huntington Beach grow not only the third largest city but also the best city to live in Orange County. This is the West Coast´s longest stretch, making the uninterrupted beach an ideal setting for all the exceptional features and amenities. Also known as Surf City, this city offers more than just perfect waves and beaches to entertain tourist and locals alike. The community houses several equestrian trails, stables, public parks and an ultra-modern marina with eclectic dining.


Huntington Beach School Information

If planning to move in with the family, one must consider the school and the decisions their child will have to make once the transfer is already on its way.  In addition to its magnificent landscapes and a number of recreational opportunities, it offers one of Orange County’s best school systems. Huntington Beach provides excellent public and private schools. Second home, home-away-from-home – whatever it is – buying a property in Huntington Beach certainly feels like coming home.


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