Surf City


City on the Coast


Are you an avid outdoor pursuits and water sports enthusiast; and looking at buying a home close to the beach? Huntington Beach is a coastal city which boasts more than eight miles of beautiful beach and coastline, and is an increasingly popular place for both visitors and investors. Often referred to as Surf City, downtown Huntington Beach is located only forty miles south of Los Angeles, and provides easy access to all of Orange County. The lively coastal city is home to some of the best recreational facilities in the country, and investors are flocking over to find great deals in the Surf City real estate market.


With a warm Mediterranean climate, Huntington Beach is a great place to enjoy recreational sports and pastimes. The extensive coastline is home to a large marina where many residents keep their boats. The beaches are often venues for large sporting events, where large crowds can enjoy watching surfing competitions, professional volleyball and the Surf City USA Marathon.  Surf City offers residents the opportunity to enjoy a healthy outdoor life full of activities. For horse lovers, there are several riding stables and trails found in the area. Residents can also enjoy the numerous walking trails, skating rinks, and jogging amongst the beautiful nature that the city has to offer.


Huntington Beach is popular with residents not only because of the wide array of recreational facilities, but also due to its reputation as one of the safest cities in the country. There is a strong community feel to downtown Huntington Beach, and great services are available. The Huntington Beach Art Centre and Beach Playhouse provide residents with a great variety of cultural arts and shows. A large library is found in downtown Huntington Beach, which can be used by residents, visitors and students. Surf City is home to several good schools, so families can rest assured that their children will be well educated. There are thirty-five elementary schools in the area, as well as five high schools. If that is not enough, there are several other schools and universities located within driving distance, so that students have a wide choice of schools that they wish to attend.


Huntington Beach is a dynamic coastal city with a lot to offer residents, so for those looking at great deals in real estate investment, look no further. Surf City offers a great way of life in a safe and vibrant community, which would be hard to beat. Being so close to the beach, downtown Huntington Beach is home to both recreational and city facilities and services. Real estate opportunities are available for those who wish to live in a coastal city and enjoy the sunny weather. The time to buy in this vibrant and colourful city is perfect, and an opportunity not to be missed.



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