The Real Estate Market Today

Hello and welcome to my blog!  I am happy that you are searching Real Estate news on the internet, as it is still a great time to buy or sell Real Estate.  I’ve recently learned about Ceritified Mortgage Planners (CMP) who are similar to Financial Planners for your home mortgage.  This is a new designation that should have been more prevalent 5 years ago when buyers were agreeing to loans that they were not educated about.  A certified mortgage planner is basically a lender with a CMP designation, which allows them to provide you with a quarterly update about your loan in relationship to the current market.  They will inform you about better loan options, if any, and develop a cost analysis showing you if it’s a good time to switch to another loan or not.  This way you can make informed decisions about your mortgage and always know that you have the best mortgage available.  Was this information helpful?  Want to learn more?

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